Jun 20, 2024  
2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog Revised Jan 2024 
2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog Revised Jan 2024

Visual and Performing Arts Major (BA)

Location(s): Salem College

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The course offerings in the visual and performing arts program are designed to provide a broad background for both the major and non-major. A student may major or minor in the visual and performing arts. The major in the Visual and Performing Arts requires 33-43 hours in art and music courses, depending on the concentration: four core courses (12 hours) and nine to twelve courses (30 -34 hours) in a chosen concentration. Concentrations may be chosen from: studio arts, art history, pre-art therapy, or music.

The study of studio art places an emphasis on providing students with a strong support system in the visual arts to enable links to multiple areas of study, specifically those in the health-related industry.

The study of art history is the study of creativity and innovation of the work of the great creators and innovators- the ‘design thinkers’- of world civilization. These ‘design thinkers’ universally employ a non-linear thought process which emphasizes human-centered problem solving, and thus serve as a model and source of inspiration for the leaders, the design thinkers, of the future in health or any other field.

The preparatory study of art therapy places an emphasis on building skills in art studio, art history, psychology, and health research required for entry level positions in the therapeutic arts and /or admission into a graduate program for art therapy certification, thus propelling students directly into the health industry.

The Salem College School of Music focuses on developing the whole musician. Building on a centuries-old legacy of excellence, it offers a healthful, stimulating environment in which a diverse student body obtains a unique blend of outstanding professional and liberal arts training. Through rigorous, nurturing and personalized instruction, students are empowered to develop their unique talents to the fullest potential and to prepare themselves for the next step in their musical journey-graduate school, professional internships, international study, teaching and performing careers, or community leadership in the arts. The School of Music also provides cultural leadership and educational opportunities for Salem Academy and College and for Winston-Salem and its surrounding areas. Through free concerts, workshops, audience building, and general music education, the School of Music seeks to contribute to the cultural vitality of our region and to secure a healthy future for the study and performance of music. Opportunities to study in the School of Music include pursuing the Bachelor of Arts in the Visual and Performing Arts (BA) degree with a concentration in music or a minor in the Visual and Performing Arts. All music majors and music minors must perform an entrance performance assessment for placement purposes. Applied music lessons and participation in ensembles is required of all music students. A person who is neither a major nor a minor must pay an Applied Lesson Fee, and must supply her own instrument. Membership in Salem ensembles is open to all qualified students, regardless of major. Salem’s cross-registration agreement with nearby Wake Forest University provides both music majors and non-music majors with additional ensemble opportunities such as the Marching Band, Symphonic Wind Ensemble, and Symphony Orchestra. Students concentrating in music should consult the School of Music Handbook for more detailed statements of mission, goals and objectives and for information on procedures.

Several of the major requirements can also count towards the general education (Salem Impact) requirements or towards other majors, including Health Humanities and Health Sciences. At least six courses toward the major must be taken in the visual and performing arts program at Salem, including 3 core courses and any upper-level course in the concentration area chosen by the student.

Required core courses for all concentrations (9-12 hours):

Choose one concentration:

Pre-Art Therapy (39 hours):

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