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2024-2025 Undergraduate Catalog (Curriculog Connected) 
2024-2025 Undergraduate Catalog (Curriculog Connected)

Financial Information

Resident Students 

Resident students are expected to enroll for a full academic year and pay a comprehensive fee of $47,558.00 which includes the enrollment deposit, tuition, room, board, student government dues, laboratory fees, health service fees and technology fees. The College expects full-year enrollment because it reserves facilities and executes contracts to provide for the needs of the student during the entire academic year.

Degree-seeking students must be enrolled full-time (12 or more credits) in order to live on campus. If a degree-seeking student is approved to be part-time, or drops below 12 hours, their situation will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by the Office of Residence Life, and depending on available space, the student’s circumstances, and the student’s plans for subsequent semesters, the student may be approved to continue living on campus. In consultation with the Dean of Students and Dean of the College, the Office of Residence Life reserves the right to ask students to depart the residence halls if students’ conduct creates an unsafe environment for themselves and/or other residents. 

Payments are scheduled as follows:

First term payment-August 1: $23,779.00
Second term payment-January 2: $23,779.00
Total: $47,558.00

Optional charges (additional to regular room and board per term; non-refundable):

Single-room fee: $1,500/term

Resident students who meet requirements for graduation at the end of the first term or new students whose enrollment begins with the second term are charged a comprehensive fee of $23,779.00.

Please read sections containing information about installment payments and the refund policy.

Non-Resident Students 

Non-resident students are full-time degree candidates who commute between their residences and the College. Non-resident students are charged a comprehensive fee of $33,848.00 for the academic year, which includes tuition, student government dues, laboratory fees, health service fees and technology fees. Payments are scheduled as follows:

First term payment-August 1: $16,924.00
Second term payment-January 2: $16,924.00
Total $33,848.00

Part-Time Students 

Part-time students are students who choose to take 11 or fewer credits in a given semester. Students who are approved to be part-time will be charged prorated tuition and fees of $1410/semester hour and receive prorated aid.

Special Fees

Audit fee (reduced one-half for alumnae) $ 800.00
Returned check fee $ 25.00
Graduation fee $ 100.00
Credit for Prior Learning (plus $25 application fee) $ 165.00 per semester hour

Charges for certain physical education and art courses are assessed separately. Charges are noted in the course schedule at the time of registration.

Charges in addition to the comprehensive fee are also assessed for off-campus study programs described in the Off-Campus Programs section of the catalog. Charges for these programs will be announced approximately one month before the program begins.

A fee schedule for room damages is presented to each resident student when she begins occupancy of a room in the residence halls. Fees for damages are assessed at the end of each semester.

The student government fee pays for class dues, other student organization dues and some student publications. The Student Government Association issues instructions for payment before fall term registration. 

Students may request copies of their academic transcript at www.Salem.edu/transcripts. A fee is payable in advance of the release of each transcript. Please note that transcripts cannot be released for students who are indebted to the College or if any other holds (including, but not limited to, library fines, or unreturned athletic equipment) are on the student’s record.

Installment Payments

Salem offers a monthly installment payment plan each semester through our trusted partner, Nelnet, Inc.. There are no finance charges, but a $50 per semester enrollment fee is charged.

Parking Fees

Salem College students wishing to park a vehicle on campus are required to register their vehicles with Public Safety. The cost to register a vehicle is $100. Vehicle registrations expire at the end of each academic year. Failure to register your vehicle may result in a $25 fine every 24 hours until the vehicle is registered. Unpaid fines may affect your ability to register for classes or obtain grades/transcripts. For more information, go to http://www.Salem.edu/public-safety/vehicle-registration.

Other Financial Information

It is estimated that in the 2023-2024 academic year, the purchase of textbooks for undergraduate students will require an annual expenditure of approximately $1,324. Books required for classes are available through the Salem website at: https://bncvirtual.com/salem.

Transportation costs for the 2023-2024 academic year, for undergraduate students, are estimated to range between $1,396 and $4,162.

The residence charge includes space in a double room in one of the residence halls and meals in the College dining room every day except during Thanksgiving and Christmas vacations, term breaks and the fall and spring recesses, when the residence halls and/or dining room are closed.

Responsibility for personal property of students cannot be assumed by the College. Appropriate insurance coverage should be obtained by the student or her parents before enrolling.

The College reserves the right at any time to make an increase in the price of tuition, room, board and special fees.

In accordance with policy set by the Board of Trustees, no student will be allowed to enroll, and no diplomas will be issued, until all accounts payable to Salem College are satisfied.

Refund Policy

Withdrawal by any student after the start of the term may result in the required return of federal and/or state financial aid funds distributed to Salem College on the student’s behalf. In accordance with federal regulations, this could result in a balance being owed to Salem College by the withdrawing student.

Fees which are assessed at reduced rates are not refundable. There is generally no refund of audit fees or for sessions of individual instruction which are missed by the student because direct instructional cost has been incurred by the College.


Tuition and fees charged for instruction in course offerings for academic credit are prorated as scheduled below. Written notification of withdrawal must be submitted to the business office by the dates shown. Refunds are issued after the end of the drop/add period.

Notification Dates Refund Rate (excludes deposit)
Fall term: first day of class 100%
Spring term: first day of classes 100%
10 business days after first day of classes 50%
14 business days after last day of drop/add 25%

Fees for Room and Board

If notification of cancellation of enrollment is received in the business office prior to the first day of fall/spring classes, payments for room and board are refunded. After these dates there are no refunds for room fees; however, board charges may be returned on a pro-rata basis up to the twentieth business day prior to the end of the semester.

There is only one special refund for missed meals. Student teachers may be eligible to receive a meal refund of $5 per day by completing the appropriate application form one week prior to the first day of student teaching. Information regarding the meal rebate policy for student teachers may be obtained from the Business Office.


If special circumstances seem to warrant an exception to the stated policy, an appeal may be submitted in writing to the business office.